Test your soil

It will help you to see how much sand silt and clay it contains is quite simply.

Homemade Soil Test
Take a couple of cups of soil.
Put the soil in a large jar (1/3 of the jar)
Add 1/3 water
Shake the jar until the soil and water have mixed
Let the jar sit overnight to settle.

The next day you will see that the three elements have formed layers. Sand will be the bottom layer. Silt will be in the middle and Clay will be on the top.

Soil that has too much sand in it will not hold water.
With too much clay will not allow proper drainage

The best way to improve your soil is to add organic matter. If your soil has too much sand or silt try adding topsoil, peat moss and compost. If you feel your soil needs a little sand to help loosen it up, just add a bit. Adding to much will cause it to have a concrete effect. This is a great way to find out how to fix the quality of your soil which will increase the quality of whatever you are going to grow.

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